What does Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, Mob Boss Carlo Gambino and Frank Zappa have in common? Absolutely nothing, except they all needed to write a check to pay for something. Gold Record Outlet has hundreds of cancelled check displays of your favorite personalities. Reproductions of their original signed checks, incredible displays from history, sports, mafia, cinema, Television, Aviation, Civil War Generals…. well you get it, virtually everyone. See who paid for a gallon of milk with a check or paid for a baby sitter with a check and even paid back taxes with a check. Spoiler alert, the tax thing was Clark Gable and mobster Meyer Lansky. These displays are great for gift giving for that “hard to buy for person”. Free gift box and free domestic shipping priority mail. Check them out, get it “check” them out.

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All Framed LP Gold Record Awards, Framed 45 Gold Record Awards, Framed CD Displays and Sports Memorabilia have a Real Wood Fame with a High Quality Finish. Conservation Style Framing is employed with Acid Free Matting and UV Protected frames grade Non-Breakable Acrylic for Years of Pleasure and Enjoyment.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: In fact, we have a no question asked return policy. All of our Gold Record Art displays and collectible Memorabilia are non RIAA awards.

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