Stars That Partner With Gold Record Outlet

When Alice Cooper needed a special item to autograph for his Meet and Greet events after his concerts he had us design and manufacture these unique items for him.

Cliff Williams bass player for AC/DC reached out to us when he wanted to retire his famed Stingray Bass Guitar of over 30 years. We created the perfect display for him, we delivered it to his home with great fan fare.

When the Eagle’s documentary “History of the Eagles” was being filmed they needed a Gold Record display as a prop for the different segments. We were proud to create the perfect prop to make the shot work. Check out the short video to see what we designed. Click here to own a piece of history.

For the Grand opening of Jack White’s 3rd Man Pressing’s Plant Detroit Michigan in 2017 we were commissioned by founder and CEO of Erika Records Liz Dunster to create a very special gift for the occasion. Since then we have had the privilege of creating several other custom framed pieces which are on permanent display throughout the pressing plant and gift shop.

John Entwistle was the bass player for The Who, after his death the John Entwistle Foundation was formed to benefit children fighting various disease’s by placing music rooms in hospitals. We were commissioned to create a life size display of John holding his famed bass guitar.

When the BET Television show “Sacrifice” needed to have realistic Gold and Platinum Record awards made for their show they come to Gold Record Outlet. Sacrifice takes place in Los Angeles and follows Daniella Hernandez (Patton), a highly sought-after entertainment lawyer, as she navigates the nefarious lives of her rich and famous clients in the music industry.

The series will delve deeper into Daniella’s complicated personal life. She is a recovering alcoholic who compensates for her suppressed addiction with men and the adrenaline of defending the worst in the entertainment world against an over-zealous D.A. sworn to bring them all to justice.

Daniella’s unimpeachable clients need her help, wisdom and resourcefulness – as do all the corrupt ones. She is the classic conundrum of doing good for bad reasons and doing bad for good reasons. Maybe it’s luck, maybe it’s skill, maybe it’s because she’s beautiful, but Daniella gets away with it… so far.

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